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bow-tie baby doll dress. perfect for that hat. April 30, 2009

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Do you remember that Mini Dramatic Straw Hat that I posted the other day? This dress is even more perfect for that hat than the Nanette Lepore Rain Dress I half-heartedly tried to pair it with. I would wear both that hat and this dress to the beach. I love the beach. Ah, summer, you are so close, but yet so far… Lame.

perfect for that dramatic hat.

If you like summer just as much as I do and want to wear cute things to the beach, buy this dress here, at Victoria’s Secret for the sale price of $29, from the original price of $38. $9 off isn’t too bad, right? It comes in sizes XXS to XL, which is quite a range, if you ask me. Colors include (brace yourselves): white/black, cherry (red, essentially)/white, bubblegum (pink)/white, dayglow yellow/white, green garden/white, ultra teal/white, ink blot (blue)/white, chocolate (brown)/white, and black/white. The dress in the picture is white/black, which is my favorite. Out of the many, many choices.

-stylistanumberone ;D


jillian lewis classic trench. signature style. April 29, 2009

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Does anybody watch Project Runway? I used to. Now I have no time. Somewhere, a tear was shed… Anyway, I love the look Jillian did with Victorya for the avant garde challenge in Season 4. Wonderful. Lucky for us (or not, when you look at the price), Jillian Lewis went on to actually make a ready-to-wear version of their famous trench. Complete with purple plaid lining. And ruffles. I have an obsession with ruffles. They will probably be my downfall someday, but really, if I owned this trench, I would wear it everyday. Every. Single. Damn. Day.

absolutely heavenly.

Well, there is no way I will ever own it because check out the price: $1,498. For one coat. If you decide that you are able to afford it, buy it here at Searle in sizes 8, 10, 12, and 14. And despite the lovely picture, this trench is now only available in black. Which is my personal favorite anyway. Not that it matters. Stupid money.

-stylistanumberone ;D


heart bangle set. non-slutty plastic. April 28, 2009

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Whenever I think of plastic, I am reminded of boob jobs. The slutty kind. But fear not, dear readers! This kind of plastic is un-slutty and very adorable. These heart bangles would go perfectly with that Buffalo Plaid Tube Dress I posted earlier.

an acceptable form of plastic.

You can buy them here at Papaya for $4.99. They also come in white and black for those readers who want a more minimalistic approach. Or are afraid of color. Whichever.

-stylistanumberone ;D


side peacock headband. for the flappers. April 27, 2009

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Normally, I tend to shy away from anything that would remotely resemble a bird on the side of my head, but this headband is pretty adorable. I do not know what in the world I would wear it with, but just the thought of it cheers me up exponentially.


no peacocks were harmed in the making of this headband

If you don’t mind having a peacock feather coming out of your ear, you can buy this headband at here, at Wet Seal, for only $5. Not bad.

-stylistanumberone ;D


patent flip-flops. simple. April 26, 2009

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Ever feel like your normal flip-flops don’t cut it with dressier outfits, but you don’t want to wear heels or regular flats? These shoes are for you. They have patent leather straps and are really cute. I would think that they would be pretty versatile, too, though, because of their potential to accompany so many outfits. They would work for something from casual to more elegant.

nicely simple.

I like how short the straps are and the nice color on this pair. They are available in even more colors, like charcoal, dark brown, and white, but you can get the original black here at Charlotte Russe for only $6.99. They all come in sizes 6 though 10, with no half sizes in between, so I hope your feet fit, princesses!

-stylistanumberone ;D


zipper trim heel. like a gaping mouth.

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Do you know what a monster with a million teeth looks like when it’s staring at you in the face? Well, if you don’t, just look at these shoes from the above view. Then you’ll know. Regardless, I really like these interesting shoes. Part peep toe and part monster. What could be better? Wear it with something unique or romantic, to show off or off-set the wild look of these heels. Go crazy.



They are on sale from their regular $26.50 to a more reasonable $14.99 here at Wet Seal. Available in sizes 5.5 to 10, excluding the sadly discriminate-against 9.5. Aw.

-stylistanumberone ;D


long-sleeve v-neck cardigan. double hyphens.

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Green is my favorite color. No doubt. This cardigan is a fulfillment of my love for green. It looks really lightweight, and I would suggest wearing it over a ruffled tank top, with jeans and some heels or flats. Basically, a comfortable, put-together (more hyphens here) outfit.

No Boundaries - Juniors Long-Sleeve V-Neck Cotton Cardigan

i love green.

You can buy this green one here at Wal-mart (I know!) for $6 (I know!), but it also comes in navy, pink, red, and black. Sizes include S to XXL, but only the black color has only L to XXL. With this price, though, get them all! (like Pokémon?)

-stylistanumberone ;D