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BCBGirls Cherie. oh, oxford, you minx. April 26, 2009

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I really adore the oxford man-shoe trend (to put it in technical terms), and these shoes kill me with their cuteness. I would wear them with tights, dress shorts, and a ridiculously frilly shirt or with a romantic dress, to offset its feminine wiles. Because so many dresses have them. Be wary, little readers. Regardless, BCBGirls rarely fails to amaze me, so check them out:

minxes: these two

Of course, they are a tad expensive: $106. A tad? Who am I kidding? They are out of my price range, but they were knocked down from their original $132; not half-price, I know, but anything is better than nothing, right? Right. Moving on… They are only available in sizes 6 and 10, though, so get on with your bad selves, silly-sized readers, right here at

-stylistanumberone ;D


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