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mini dramatic straw hat. quite descriptive. April 26, 2009

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Hey, wasn’t I just talking about a black hat to go with that Nanette Lepore Desert Rain dress? You’re right, dear reader, I was. And this may not be it. I am not sure. It is quite darling, though, isn’t it? If possible, I would try to pair it with that Desert Rain dress, but I’m not totally convinced that I could pull this one off with it:

dramatic, apparently.

Nonetheless, I would wear this hat to the beach, with a nice cover-up over my presumably retro bathing suit. If I had one… Damn. You can buy this hat here at Anne Taylor LOFT, if you so desire. It is $29.50 and not on sale, sadly, but maybe if you watch it, someone will clearance it. Hopefully soon.

-stylistanumberone ;D


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