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treasure trove charm bracelet. no pirates, though. May 4, 2009

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And also no treasure chest, sadly. Oh, well. This bracelet really is treasure enough. I love bracelets that have a bunch of crap on them. Especially pretty crap, like this one. I would wear this with either a white or black dress and no other jewelry, since the bracelet already makes quite a statement. If you really can’t live without more pieces, though, a simple gold or silver necklace would also probably work with the outfit.

Treasure Trove Charm Bracelet

verifiable booty.

The colors in this bracelet are pretty exquisite. Buy it here from LuLu*s for only $13. It only comes in silver, but you definitely won’t regret it.

-stylistanumberone ;D


4 Responses to “treasure trove charm bracelet. no pirates, though.”

  1. Mickey Says:

    Love that bracelet! I could see it on my wrist already. Many possibilities – I see in my future. *Ü*

  2. Mickey Says:

    Well thank you matey- ARGHHHH!!!

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