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zipper trim patent pumps. no big gaping mouth this time. May 8, 2009

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While the Zipper Trim Heels had to take the whole zipper thing in a scary, gaping-mouth-monster direction, these Zipper Trim Patent Pumps opt for a nicer, smaller zipper mouth. That settles around your toes, rather than your ankle. Nom Nom. Ahem. I don’t really know what I would wear these heels with, but I know that the outfit would be awesome.

little baby monster mouths?

Not scared of these tiny mouths chomping off your toes? Buy them here at Forever 21 for $28.80 (why does Forever21 have the weirdest prices?). They come in the toe-chomping sizes of 6-10, with no half sizes or other colors, so I hope they fit you and that you don’t hate black.

-stylistanumberone ;D


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