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assorted keys necklace. how practical. May 19, 2009

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Well, not really. None of these keys will actually fit into any lock you may try (although you never know…), but it is quite pretty nonetheless. I have an obsession with key necklaces, even though I do not own one as of right now. I wonder why that is, actually…? I must amend that immediately! Anyway, while I’m doing that, look at this pretty thing:

so many keys but nothing to unlock...

If you like the impracticality of keys around your neck, buy this necklace here at Forever21. Maybe you’ll find an equally impractical lock accessory to match.

-stylistanumberone ;D


One Response to “assorted keys necklace. how practical.”

  1. […] I’m back to just posting one piece on Fridays. Sorry! But let’s move on! Remember that key necklace I posted a whole month ago (wow…), this necklace is that one’s long-lost cousin. And if […]

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