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Well, Poop. July 7, 2010

Filed under: terrible. — stylistanumberone @ 2:47 am

So… remember how I was moving on to bigger and better things at Blogger? Yeah… Looks like the grass really isn’t greener on the blahblahblahidon’treallycarehowtherestofthequotegoesblahblahblah.


You, there! I totally know you did.

Whatever. I hate you, too.

But. I am totally back. …At a different Blogger blog! Got you! I’m opening an Etsy shop (named Bunny Besos, for those interested), so I got a different blog. To match, you know. Creatively called Hey, It’s Bunny Besos!

And it only took me almost a full year. Oh, well.

Look forward to some posts soon, after I rediscover the Internet’s coolest online stores.

Now, stop missing me and head over to my new blog. Yay!

-stylistanumberone ;D