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Well, Poop. July 7, 2010

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So… remember how I was moving on to bigger and better things at Blogger? Yeah… Looks like the grass really isn’t greener on the blahblahblahidon’treallycarehowtherestofthequotegoesblahblahblah.


You, there! I totally know you did.

Whatever. I hate you, too.

But. I am totally back. …At a different Blogger blog! Got you! I’m opening an Etsy shop (named Bunny Besos, for those interested), so I got a different blog. To match, you know. Creatively called Hey, It’s Bunny Besos!

And it only took me almost a full year. Oh, well.

Look forward to some posts soon, after I rediscover the Internet’s coolest online stores.

Now, stop missing me and head over to my new blog. Yay!

-stylistanumberone ;D


well. it’s time to wrap it up, dear readers! July 24, 2009

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Well, after an extended absence, I have some bad news. I have a new place. At Blogger. It’s called, “I Love the Stars at Midnight.” …You know how it goes. Right?

Nevertheless, if you would like to mosey on over there, dear readers, I will be writing about more than shopping. (Crazy, right?!) The blog will include music, Etsy, clothes, my life, and books. Oh, and also THE FUNNY that so many of you have come to know and love here at Stylistas Anonymous. Yes. Like you, Mom.

I would love it if you transferred your readership to my new blog, but I won’t forget how much I loved this original blog…

For the last time…

-stylistanumberone ;D


terrible tuesday. joie de vivre tunic dress. July 7, 2009

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I… dislike this dress. I don’t particularly like the pattern or the colors, and I think that the contrasting fibers overwhelm the simple design.

joie de vivre tunic dress.

But if you like looking your grandma’s tea cozy, Cutiemus is selling this monstrosity here, for the bargain price (as far as handmade tea cozies go, at least) of $48. If you wear sizes medium or large, you should be in luck. Whether that luck is good or bad depends on your perception.

-stylistanumberone ;D


terrible tuesday. suitcases large recycled overnight bag. June 30, 2009

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Okay, I know that some of you will disagree with my choice today. It’s not quite as terrible as many other things out there, but I think it’s damn ugly. I find this bag garish and unnecessary.

Suitcases Large Recycled Overnight Bag

suitcases large recycled overnight bag.

But! On the plus side, this bag is made of recycled materials and is vegan friendly, which is just like Plasticland, really. Get it here, for $24.  If you want to waste your money.

-stylistanumberone ;D


terrible tuesday. lola shimmy dress. June 16, 2009

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Before I talk about today’s hideous monstrosity, I would like to direct your attention to the right of your screen. See that sidebar there? Go all the way down, and you’ll come across a picture of children and a little button that reads, “Help Now! It’s FREE.” Click it. Okay, fine. You don’t have to do so. But! If you do, you will be helping malnourished kids get the essential nutrients that they need, and all you have to do is watch a five-minute (or about that time… I’m not really sure because I didn’t time it.) preview of a new Showtime show. That’s it! And Showtime will donate money for you. Like the button says, it’s absolutely free. So go be a vitamin angel, and help those kids out.

Okay. Back to this fugly thing. I know that I say that I like ruffles, but I like well-placed ruffles. The ones below are definitely not. This dress makes the model look as if she’s using a pink eel for a boa, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the manufacturer decided to just drape ruffles like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Believe me, that’s not a good look. Just see for yourself:

Lola Shimmy Dress in Pink

lola shimmy dress.

I know. It’s okay, though, because you don’t have to buy it. If you decide you like it anyway (besides my clever, persuasive arguments against it… and the picture itself, which needs no words, really), get it here, at Lulu*s. It costs $68 (You could totally find something better for that price. Just see a Thrifty Thursday post!) and comes in small to large. But I implore you: please don’t buy it. And instead, donate to Vitamin Angels because those kids definitely aren’t ugly. And this dress is.

-stylistanumberone ;D


terrible tuesday. surplice romper. June 9, 2009

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What I am thinking can be summed up in six words: what the fuck is this shit?

surplice romper.

If  you decide that you like this, um, thing, feel free to get it here at Anthropologie, where terribleness costs $98. It comes in extra small to large, but I think they were a little too ambitious in offering four sizes when there should only be one: lame.

-stylistanumberone ;D


terrible tuesday. asymmetrical chiffon top. May 26, 2009

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The features just coming, don’t they? Soon, I’ll probably have a feature for every day. Oh, wait… Wednesday’s the only one left, right? Come back tomorrow to see if I decided to assign it its own feature. Ooh, the tension! Anyway, here’s today’s terrible feature:

the flowers don't make it any better.

Whenever I look at the flowers at the neck, I think, “Forever21 must have thought that the flowers could redeem this top.” P.S. They can’t. And get this: Forever21 has a special banner on this product’s page that reads, “Exclusively Ours.” Who would want to admit that?! You know, my relationship with this store is definitely a love/hate one… If you decide that you can’t live without this shirt anyway, get it here, for $34. Maybe the high price is because of the flowers? Because nothing else can justify it, really. It comes in sizes extra small to large, and when a top at Forever21 has a wider range than just small to large, you know Forever21 is trying to appeal to everybody…

-stylistanumberone ;D