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bow-tie baby doll dress. perfect for that hat. April 30, 2009

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Do you remember that Mini Dramatic Straw Hat that I posted the other day? This dress is even more perfect for that hat than the Nanette Lepore Rain Dress I half-heartedly tried to pair it with. I would wear both that hat and this dress to the beach. I love the beach. Ah, summer, you are so close, but yet so far… Lame.

perfect for that dramatic hat.

If you like summer just as much as I do and want to wear cute things to the beach, buy this dress here, at Victoria’s Secret for the sale price of $29, from the original price of $38. $9 off isn’t too bad, right? It comes in sizes XXS to XL, which is quite a range, if you ask me. Colors include (brace yourselves): white/black, cherry (red, essentially)/white, bubblegum (pink)/white, dayglow yellow/white, green garden/white, ultra teal/white, ink blot (blue)/white, chocolate (brown)/white, and black/white. The dress in the picture is white/black, which is my favorite. Out of the many, many choices.

-stylistanumberone ;D


neon feather earring trio. it’s back. April 26, 2009

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Remember when everything was neon in the eighties? Yeah, me neither. I’m not that old, regrettably. Or is it? Regrettable, that is. I think so. If trends like neon were spreading themselves around like little sluts, I do regret not living it up in the eighties. What’s not to like? I would wear these (possibly a different color in each ear…) with a minimalistic black dress or with a black top and some skinny jeans.

it's like the eighties all over again.

Three colors for $4? Count me in. If you like them, too, buy here, from Charlotte Russe.

-stylistanumberone ;D