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carina faux leather sandals. but not faux stylish. May 1, 2009

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Yeah, lame joke. Don’t hate. Look at these sandals instead. They look very comfortable and, ahem, stylish. I would wear them with something very casual, though, because I don’t think that these sandals could ever be dressed up. Don’t be like Halle Berry at that movie premiere! Try wearing them with a low-key sundress, or something similar. Go for boho.

not faux stylish.

If you would like these very cute shoes, head here, to Forever21. Sizes available are 6, 8, 9, and 10. They are only $14.80 and presumably will not be reduced any time soon because summer is quickly approaching. Get them before the store runs out!

-stylistanumberone ;D


patent flip-flops. simple. April 26, 2009

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Ever feel like your normal flip-flops don’t cut it with dressier outfits, but you don’t want to wear heels or regular flats? These shoes are for you. They have patent leather straps and are really cute. I would think that they would be pretty versatile, too, though, because of their potential to accompany so many outfits. They would work for something from casual to more elegant.

nicely simple.

I like how short the straps are and the nice color on this pair. They are available in even more colors, like charcoal, dark brown, and white, but you can get the original black here at Charlotte Russe for only $6.99. They all come in sizes 6 though 10, with no half sizes in between, so I hope your feet fit, princesses!

-stylistanumberone ;D